ultimate wtf pack

i know its ugly and wtf and shit and maybe i’ll never ever continue it

but i worked more on the sketch than my other digital “”“”“drawings”“”“” including lineart and coloring

AAAND i didn’t even look at my dolls for reference, it’s just a random in-my-head made-up pose thingie (and no hands because hands are cursed i swear)

so this is something… umm…

and i’m tired and maybe i’ll delete this post later because I’m sure I’ll hate this tomorrow

(edit: now, as i’m posting this i already started hating it)

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Hungarian Mondo magazine’s new facebook (so like based I think…..) drawing contest thingie where tracing is accepted. Basicaly yoU CAN ENTER WITH COPY OF A POPULAR ARTIST’S WORK (

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my horse in skyrim tripped on some grass, fell down from the road and then died.


sooo i did this gif 

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let me guess… #skyrim #gaming #girl #sweetroll #oc #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #art #selfie #funny

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summer is almost gone and i’m still fat
so… still trying to eat less, eat healthier and do workout more.
but veggies are delicioussss w/ some random salad topping
…blah blah blah

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“I could be drawing right now”

me every single minute of the day 24/7 (via yuunachi)


I’ll probably just wear T-shirts forever.