Alan Rickman giving Daniel Radcliffe a shout out at the Variety Club Awards (2001). 


Literally my math teacher abandoned today’s lesson because some kid brought his kitten to school i don’t even know


First finished textured faceup - just in time for BJDday!

It will definitely need to be redone, but I’m running low on Citadel, so he’ll just have to bear with it for a while. I learned a lot during the process:

  • pastels applied with wet sponge do not look like pores - they look like dirt
  • watercolor discolors after drying - brownish tones can and will look like dirt
  • do not use white watercolor for patterning, it just looks chalky on tan. IF you want chalky, use MSC - much less fuss with the same results
  • put on texture first, blush after
  • bluish white is not the best idea for detail linework. Use beige-white
  • bluish white is not the best idea for fine veins on tan skin. Go with blue
  • bluish white is not the best idea for teeth, either…
  • bluish white is not the best idea for anything, period. I have no idea why I mixed it in the first place. It was just there and I tried to use it for literally everything o.O

Iplehouse Fantasy Chris - modded [by Krowbar]

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when people say they want to/offer to draw my ocs


when people say they find my ocs interesting



Editor’s Pick

Clashist Cry Baby Tee. The tee that every die-hard Johnny Depp fan needs.



i found my new wardrobe

i need henry the eighth to reside over my crotch like some fucked up guardian who will behead or divorce all who dare try and pass him


there are so many questions. why is this raccoon in someone’s hallway. why is it rolling. why does it stop for a moment to check something and then clearly decide to roll again. what did it find that made it roll to the right instead of the left. why is someone filming all this. why did someone let a raccoon into their house in order o film this. what is that on the floor that the raccoon is rolling away from. why is it rolling away from it. why.